A Documentary Film by Mark Dixon

“I’ve had enough of stinky nights and unanswered calls to clean up our region’s air, so I’m making a film that gets to the root of the problem and explores options for rapid, meaningful improvement.” ~Mark Dixon, Director

I’m currently working on a documentary tentatively entitled, “Inversion: The Unfinished Business of Pittsburgh’s Air.” The film will be examining multiple “inversions” as they relate to air quality: 1. weather inversions affect the ability of pollution to disperse, 2. there is an inversion underway in the power relationship between citizens and governments/corporations with the incoming wave of low-cost community science sensors and software tools, and 3. there is an inversion underway in the nature of business as polluting industries using fossil fuel combustion shift to battery powered cars and trucks, often powered by clean renewable energy.

This film is currently in production. I’m primarily doing research and collecting content for the first trailer. Please sign up here for our e-mail list to stay in the loop as the film progresses!